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Live Event & Screenings

Everyone needs a little time away!  This year's festival event and screenings take place just North of Malibu (our hometown) on the beach.  Those of us who live in Los Angeles know about the smog/traffic and chaos, so we want everyone to enjoy some peace and quiet on the beach without the encroaching smog.   A small taste of paradise in Southern California. The event is July 25th, 2023.  During the day will be film screenings,  In the late afternoon on the 25th will be a guest speaker with over 30 years experience in the film industry and dozens of feature film credits giving away some big secrets about how you can get your feature film or documentary made, including a Q & A. 



The awards ceremony on the night of the 25th.  We will of course have a red carpet, etc.


Food and drinks will be available to purchase at the hotel and you can book a room at the hotel in advance.  More information to come soon.

Tickets available on Film Freeway through our regular festival entry portal.



If you are not with Film Freeway

you can buy here:

(you can specify ticket numbers when you click through.  Email us with the names of attendees if the form doesn't allow for this, otherwise we will email you for the attendee names within 48 hours)



Click to enter film and tickets:

Once you buy your ticket, we will respond within 48 hours with an email confirmation.  Your name and the names of others will be registered with our system.  Just bring ID to the event to collect your attendee badge

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